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Master complex natural sciences in a fun VR game

Futuclass is an educational platform game* with gamified lessons for 7-9 grade chemistry and physics topics. Developed in co-creation with natural science teachers and schools. Futuclass VR lessons are highly effective - 70% avg improvement.

﹡ For ages 13 and up. VR Headset is required. See Oculus store page for which virtual reality headsets are supported.

Loved by teachers and parents

Its innovation for education

Applying virtual reality to science subjects allows more to be visualized and thus the concepts are understood more quickly. More often than not the topics that might not interest the student, become very interesting in VR and the increased motivation to learn is seen in the results.

PoltsaMaa (Oculus review)

This is how to Teach Children

I downloaded this from the applab for my 11-year-old daughter as she is very into science. She loved this so much that she spend 2 hours doing and redoing the demos over and over again. I wish this was fuller and I have read that the developers have much much more planned.

Floki (Oculus review)

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Why learn in VR?


better learning gains compared to textbook results


better learning retention with immersive learning in VR


focus compared to textbook learning


more cost-effective than traditional methods

Futuclass provides exactly the kind of content— memorable, challenging, and fun puzzles— that students need to engage with and truly learn complex subjects like physics.

Joh Orengo

former teacher and XR Nation Ambassador

We are very pleased that Futuclass is creating a solution for STEM, where students can take exciting and everyday life-related experiments with today’s technology. The Futuclas team is very committed and have a definite goal of reaching their own VR educational game for all STEM enthusiasts in Estonia and around the world.

Inga Kõue

Startup Estonia Edtech lead

Futuclass leverages VR’s strengths of immersion and embodied learning. Getting ‘hands-on’ with concepts is important to mastering any topic. Access to lab time may be time and resource intensive, or simply unavailable. Simulated practical lessons are a fun, flexible, and effective way to enhance learning from text.

Mikalyn Cavanaugh

AR/VR Sherpa

Let your kids fall in love with science


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