Futuclass School Kit

Futuclass School Kit

The all-in-one solution for schools to easily implement VR tools.

1 Futuclass VR Kit includes:

  • 6× VR headsets
  • Protective storage case with wheels
  • Charging dock for 6 headsets
  • Combination padlock

Futuclass VR Kits are ready to use out of the box.

  • Preloaded educational VR apps
  • All accounts are set up beforehand
  • Access to instructional materials and helpful videos for effective integration and training

Quality support for a great start

  • Every customer organisation gets free access to our 6-week mentoring program
  • 6 months of dedicated support after the mentoring program

Hear and learn from our customers

Students have the ability to learn by themselves

I really love these games. These have helped me and my students a lot. I use them in ordinary class lessons (in group work) and individual learning. Students have the ability to learn by themselves (either faster than others or by repeating previously learned knowledge).

I have seen the success and pleasure of my students. So, I recommend using these games in lessons. You will see that lessons are going to be more interesting and students will acquire new knowledge easier.

Gustav Adolf Grammar School

Rewarding opportunity to enrich chemistry

I'm working as a chemistry and physics teacher at Vändra Gymnasium. At first, I got a chance to try the "Reaction balancing" VR lesson and I fell in love at first sight! Now I'm using all chemistry (9) and physics (7) lessons in my everyday work life. Futuclass VR learning modules are very well structured and give students a practical opportunity to learn in a hands-on way. It is a really rewarding opportunity to enrich chemistry and physics lessons in an innovative way of learning.

Vändra Gymnasium

Subjects are visualized and understood more quickly

Applying virtual reality to science subjects allows more to be visualized and thus the concepts are understood more quickly. More often than not the topics that might not interest the student, become very interesting in VR and the increased motivation to learn is seen in the results. There are various ways to use VR in different subjects, which helps to make mainstream education more attractive to students. The playful environment allows students to adapt quickly and to learn difficult subjects on their own more easily than with a regular textbook and workbook. It help to learning chemistry.

Põltsamaa Co-Educational Gymnasium

How much use is VR in schools?

To better showcase the usefulness and points of impact of VR tools in the educational system, we created this overview of the school year with all of the days when VR was used marked with color.
In short - a lot
698 lessons in 2022-2023

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EdTech Innovation Fund
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Youth Music Initiative
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For Resellers

The Futuclass VR Kit is available for resellers! We're excited to work with partners who are interested in promoting and distributing our product. If you're a reseller, please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about our reseller program.

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