Augmented Reality in Chemistry Education - Second Test Session in School


Futu-AR is an AR app that we are prototyping in parallel to our VR content development. The app is currently focused on visualizing chemistry and learning to balance chemical reaction equations.

05.05- Second Futuclass AR test session with students

As Roland had made many improvements and students were back at school, it was time for Kristen and Arnold to test the AR app on students, face to face.


The updated “find the correct” mode was successful. Students like it and could remember the fun facts about different molecules after playing the game. The new format has potential and most of the students could clear the game. A comparative testing has been done about our 2 different designs of the reaction balancing mode. A lot of meaningful feedback has been collected. They are very informative and provide us inspiration for further improvement.


  • 16 students from 9th grade and 1 chemistry teacher took part of the lesson
  • Lesson was hosted physically in TERA : students were grouped into small groups of 2-3 people
  • It was Futuclass AR ver. 0.08 that was tested
  • Delivering the application to the students’ iPad via TestFlight was unsuccessful due to Apple School Management permission issue
  • Alternatively, application was installed on the iPad provided by Futuclass
  • Feedback form was created using Google Forms by Roland to let students fill them in after the testing session
  • Overall 13 of 16 raised their hand if asked: “Would you like to learn chemistry using an analogous AR application.”

Actionable feedback

  • Could not exit the game to change the game mode when playing find the correct ->** Add a pop-up menu and gather all the functional buttons there including an exit button**
  • Although taping to choose a molecule was intuitive after playing through find the correct, students still did multiple taps to feel confident. ->** Design a multiple tap confirmation feedback (on-screen or in AR)**
  • One of the students managed to induce a crash by spamming reset. -> Review implementation and block button spamming
  • More equations, more contents -> Add more contents to the reaction balancing
  • When they look at all of the cards at the same time, 3-4 molecules are visualized and others are blinking. ->** due to environmental reflection, review if it is necessary or add a control allowing user to disable it**
  • Many equations are balanced from the start. -> Generate random multipliers for the equations at the beginning of the task
  • Game mode based on periodic table -> Review the current design or create a new design to fit periodic table
  • Make the game more colorful -> Polishing
  • Devices are hot and battery consuming fast ->** Study AR application performance tuning**

Find the correct

  • More than 90% of the students could pass all the levels of the game
  • 12 out of 16 students found the game easy (1 out of 5 points), the rest found the game fairly easy (2 out of 5 points)
  • Most of the students like this game mode (12 out of 16 students with positive feedback)

joonis 1.PNG
joonis 2.PNG
joonis 3.PNG

Reaction balancing - on screen vs AR models

  • Students thought the on-screen design is easier to understand
  • More students prefer on-screen design (11/16) than the AR design
  • Most of the students who prefer on-screen design think it is easier and simpler to use
  • One of them replied it is because the molecule AR models become boring after completing several times
  • Students who prefer AR design think it has a better visualization and is more interesting
  • Brainstorm about the design of reaction balancing is necessary

joonis 4.PNG
joonis 5.PNG

Students quotes

  • "This game has a lot of potential (energy, that can be transformed to kinetic energy what can be transformed to thermal energy, to warm the hearts of little kids on the path of learning)."
  • "This seems to be more immediate and interesting"
  • " it is simpler to balance, when you can visually see the molecules."
This blog post was written by Roland.