7 New Partner VR Apps Added to Futuclass School Kit!


We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to the Futuclass School Kit, your all-in-one solution for schools to quickly implement VR tools. With a commitment to empowering educators and students with innovative tools, we are excited to introduce 7 new Partner VR Apps to our platform. These additions will further enrich the teaching and learning experience, providing diverse avenues for both educators and students to explore.

What's Futuclass School Kit?

After receiving multiple requests, we decided to ease the process of implementing VR headsets in the classroom and we introduced Futtuclass School Kits.
Futuclass School Kit is a turn-key solution for schools that includes 6x Pico or Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets packed in a case with wheels. Easy to transport and safe for storing the headsets. All VR devices have preloaded Futuclass software and a lifetime license to use all Futuclass VR learning modules.

Futuclass School Kit includes:

  • 6x VR headsets with controllers
  • Protective storage case with wheels
  • Charging docks for headsets
  • Lifetime access to pre-installed educational content
  • Everything Installed and Paired
  • Onboarding training
  • 2-Year Support & Protection Plan

BONUS: a 6-week mentoring program for schools

We know that implementing VR in the classroom might be daunting at first. That's why every customer organization gets free access to Futuclass 6-week mentoring program on how to train teachers at your school to start using VR devices.
The program aims to help schools implement VR in their educational institutions, empower teachers and give them the confidence to scale VR in their schools.
During the program, we cover all the necessary basics of VR use, fleet adoption, and maintenance. As part of the program, the lead technologists at participating schools organize a teacher training session to share how to use the headsets in lessons. We provide all the slides and all the materials you need to get started.
“This kind of mentoring program empowers teachers and gives them the confidence to scale VR in their institution“ - Kristen Tamm, CEO and co-founder of Futuclass.

7 New Partner Apps Added to Futuclass School Kit!

There is a great list of educational VR content available. Futuclass's aim is to provide educators with a comprehensive suite of resources that cater to a variety of teaching styles and subjects, therefore we have thoughtfully included 7 partner apps in Futuclass School Kit.
This means that in addition to the pre-installed 13 Futuclass chemistry VR modules, you will receive 7 additional educational apps. Each Partner App brings unique benefits to the table, catering to different aspects of education. Whether you're looking to facilitate physics-based VR puzzles, improve problem-solving skills, foster creativity, or practice real-life emergency preparedness these new additions got you covered.
The Futuclass School Kit continues to evolve as a holistic platform that supports educators in creating dynamic and engaging virtual classrooms. Explore the newly added Partner Apps here.
If you're interested to learn more about Futuclass School Kits and get a free demo, please contact us here.
The Futuclass Team