Transforming Education with Futuclass School Kit: A Secondary School's VR Journey


Since 2018, Futuclass has led the VR educational technology field. We've seen firsthand the struggles educational institutions face integrating VR into their curriculum. The lack of quality educational VR content, complex headset setup, and maintenance hassles have often left teachers and educational technologists feeling overwhelmed, draining their time and energy.
The introduction of the Futuclass School Kit initially met skepticism. With past attempts at VR integration marred by technical and logistical nightmares, educators doubted whether our solution could truly ease their burdens.
However, the impact of the Futuclass School Kit has been profound. To date, 46 schools report it as a turning point in their technological endeavors, alleviating the previously daunting challenges. The Kit has notably:
  • Alleviated Content Scarcity: 100+ lesson scenarios in over 20 high-quality interactive educational apps breathe new life into various subjects.
  • Simplified Headset Management: Its integrated headset management system reduces troubleshooting and restricts non-educational access, freeing teachers from constant tech support roles.
  • Streamlined Storage and Charging: The mobile case for headsets addresses major logistical issues, ensuring readiness for classes without the hassle of multiple chargers and storage woes.
The adoption of the Futuclass School Kit is more than just a technological leap; it's a relief for teachers and a gateway to transformative educational experiences in VR.