Transform your home into a virtual classroom with Futuclass VR lessons, now available for $7.99!


We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you about Futuclass, the cutting-edge education platform that has already captured the hearts and minds of teachers in more than 10 countries.
Futuclass is beloved by teachers for its dynamic and engaging VR lessons, which bring STEM subjects to life in a way that traditional teaching methods simply cannot match. With a comprehensive range of topics on offer, Futuclass has quickly become a go-to resource for educators across the world.
And now, we are proud to announce that Futuclass has expanded its reach even further, by making its immersive lessons available to students and parents to use at home. You can now buy the three most popular VR modules on Quest App Lab for easy download just for $7.99 per in-app purchase.

Get Futuclass VR Lessons on Oculus App Lab

With Futuclass you learn chemistry through gamified experiences in Virtual Reality! Hold molecules in your hand in Reaction Balancing, shoot particles to create atoms in Atom Structure, and work on an assembly line in a "salt factory". Co-created with educational experts, the learning value of each VR lesson has been scientifically proven with real students in the classroom and at home.
This exciting development means that students can continue their learning journey outside the classroom, and parents can take a more active role in supporting their children's education.

All you need to do to get started with Futuclass VR lessons:

  1. Download the "Futuclass Education" app in the Quest Experience store.
  2. Select a demo activity to explore.
  3. Purchase a module for $ 7.99.

Three most popular VR lessons for easy download.

Chemistry - Atom Structure

This Futuclass VR lesson teaches the student about what atoms are made of and how it is connected to the periodic table. The student is tasked with creating atoms using proton, neutron, and electron "guns". Additional info can be learned from the in-game touch screen. The student will learn about protons, neutrons, electrons, periods, groups, atomic numbers, atomic mass, and charge.

Chemistry - Salts

This Futuclass VR lesson teaches the student about various salts and their composition by tasking them to work on an assembly line in a "salt factory". Students will learn about: cations, anions, common salt names, nomenclature rules, salt ion balancing, and ion nomenclature.

Chemistry - Reaction Balancing

This Futuclass VR lesson teaches the student to balance chemical reactions typically taught in Basic Chemistry, working one's way from simpler equations to more difficult ones in 8 levels. The student will learn about coefficients, reaction equation balancing, and the chemical structure of substances.
All Futuclass modules are curriculum-aligned and ideally for students in grades 7-9, but could easily be used by older students as well. Futuclass VR modules are compatible with Oculus Quest and Pico devices.

Co-created with educational experts to use at home

We've also made significant improvements to the end-user release. To achieve complete player independence, we are carrying out many test sessions with our customer representatives to get their feedback and improve the product in such a way that it feels intuitive for even a first-time VR user. Arnold Rein Tatunts, Educational Designer at Futuclass comments, that
“Although the core content is the same for both school and home users, the way the game feels differs quite a bit. For home users, we have to make sure that the game is intuitive enough that the player needs no outside support (like in the case of asking a teacher). This improves the experience for the school users as well.”
PXL_20221202_072024206 (2).jpg
Currently, we are holding about 3 test sessions a week with approximately 12-15 students per session. This means that up to 45 unique students with a fresh perspectives give feedback to our interface and game logic every week. Thanks to this feedback we can confidently stay on course and move towards a well-polished end-product, with multiple iterations every week.
Some examples of the changes we have made include…

In-game questions

Short questions are asked throughout each module to keep the student paying attention and to verify their understanding of the concepts being taught. The student is presented with four statements, only one of which is correct. The star rating at the end of the module is based on the correctness of these answers.

Spatial guides

In order to introduce the interaction mechanics of each module as swiftly as possible, all instructions are now contained “within the world”. This means that animating arrows, text, pulsing objects and controller highlights are now shown exactly where the action is to be performed in 3D space. This leads to the mechanics in all modules being very intuitive to learn, without needing any external guidance.

Star rating system

After completing a module, the student is presented with a star rating based on their answers to all the questions. Additionally, they are given a recap of their responses, allowing them to review and learn from any mistakes they may have made. This star rating system allows for easy self-assessment of one's performance.

Wrap up,

With Futuclass, the learning experience becomes interactive and engaging, inspiring students to explore and discover the world around them. We can't wait to see the impact this platform will have on students' academic journeys, both in the classroom and beyond.
Contact us to get more information about Futuclass or request a personalized demo. If you would like to give Futuclass a spin, try the free demo on Oculus App Lab here!