2022/2023 School Year Wrapped: The Year Of Growth For Futuclass Education


As we wrap up the school year, it's time to reflect on the remarkable journey of Futuclass and the pivotal moments that have shaped its path. The past 2022/ 2023 school year has been nothing short of extraordinary, with unforeseen challenges and dynamic changes touching nearly every aspect of our lives.
Amidst this ever-evolving landscape, Futuclass Education has emerged as a beacon of innovation and progress in the realm of education.
In this blog post, we invite you to join us as we uncover the transformative power of virtual reality (VR) in education for the 2022/2023 school year and a glimpse into the promising future that lies ahead.

Futuclass VR modules were played for more than 116 000 minutes in 2022/2023.

And this is just the beginning! More than 5000 lower-secondary students across the world enjoyed Futuclass chemistry and physics modules in total for more than 116 000 minutes.

In total Futuclass has 12 modules available:

  1. Chemistry - Atom Structure
  2. Chemistry - Salts
  3. Chemistry - Bonds
  4. Chemistry - Reaction Balancing
  5. Chemistry - Redox Reactions
  6. Chemistry - Acids and Bases
  7. Chemistry - Hydrogen and Oxygen
  8. Chemistry - Oxygen Escape Room
  9. Chemistry - Moles and Molarity I
  10. Chemistry - Moles and Molarity II
  11. Physics - Nuclear Reactions
  12. Physics - Electricity
BONUS: Kitchen Assembly This hands-on VR lesson lets the student assemble and install a real kitchen from start to finish. The process consists of 50 steps. The student is able to make use of the necessary tools for each step, consult the instructions tablet, and ask for hints when not sure what to do next. For repeat processes, the student is aided by an invisible assistant.
Expect the Futuclass content library to grow!
To learn more about the Futuclass subscription and access all content, please contact us here.

Lifetime access to all Futuclass VR lessons for $199

Futuclass is already used in schools in more than 10 countries. Teachers and students enjoy Futuclass for its dynamic and captivating VR lessons, which offer an immersive and engaging way of teaching STEM subjects unmatched by traditional methods.
Futuclass covers a wide range of chemistry and physics topics, making it a valuable resource for any innovative classroom.
To ensure that more school districts can take advantage of VR classes, we have made it possible for all schools to enjoy lifetime access to all Futuclass VR lessons for $199 per headset.
With a lifetime license, schools can access all VR lessons currently in the library, as well as any future VR lessons developed.
No extra cost in the future, and no in-app purchases.
The $199 per VR device covers the full use of Futuclass until the device's lifetime.
Claim your two weeks of FREE Futuclass VR lessons here.

Futuclass School kits

Grettel Futuclass main page.jpg
Innovating the classrooms with virtual reality is on the rise and recognizing the increasing demand from schools for immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences, Futuclass took a bold step forward in 2022. With a clear vision of enhancing education through technology, the company introduced the Futuclass Sales Kits, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to revolutionizing classroom learning.
Futuclass school kit is a turn-key solution for schools that includes 6x Pico or Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets packed in a case with wheels. Easy to transport and safe for storing the headsets. All VR devices have preloaded Futuclass software and a lifetime license to use all Futuclass VR learning modules.
Futuclass Sales Kit includes:
  • 6x VR headsets with controllers
  • Protective storage case with wheels
  • Charging docks for headsets
  • Lifetime access to pre-installed educational content
  • Everything Installed and Paired
  • Onboarding training
  • 2-Year Support & Protection Plan
If you're interested to learn more about Futuclass School Kits or book a demo contact us at here.

6-week mentoring program for schools

We know that implementing VR in the classroom might be daunting at first. That's why every customer organization gets free access to Futuclass 6-week mentoring program on how to train teachers at your school to start using VR devices.
The program aims to help schools implement VR in their educational institutions, empower teachers and give them the confidence to scale VR in their schools.
During the program, we cover all the necessary basics of VR use, fleet adoption, and maintenance. As part of the program, the lead technologists at participating schools organize a teacher training session to share how to use the headsets in lessons. We provide all the slides and all the materials you need to get started.
“This kind of mentoring program empowers teachers and gives them the confidence to scale VR in their institution“ - Kristen Tamm, CEO and co-founder of Futuclass.
If you would like to receive the program slides and learn at your own pace, please contact us here.

Futuclass is innovating the classroom but is now also available for use at home for $ 7.99

And this is the biggest news from the 2022/2023 school year. Futuclass is an education platform that is loved by teachers for its engaging and interactive VR lessons. It offers a wide range of STEM subjects and topics, making it a valuable resource for teachers to use in their classrooms.
Therefore, we are excited to announce that Futuclass has made it possible for students and parents to access its lessons at home as well. This means that students can continue their learning even outside of the classroom, and parents can support their children's education in a more meaningful way.
All you need to do to get started with Futuclass VR lessons:
  1. Download the "Futuclass Education" app in the Quest store.
  2. Select a demo activity to explore.
  3. Purchase a module for $7.99. Enjoy!
Read how VR lessons improved chemistry test scores by 68% in a leading Estonian grammar school How do we polish Futuclass modules for students?
We've also made significant improvements to the end-user release. To achieve complete player independence, we are carrying out many test sessions with our customer representatives to get their feedback and improve the product in such a way that it feels intuitive for even a first-time VR user.
Futuclass Educational Designer and Educational Projects Manager Arnold Rein Tatunts comments, that
“Although the core content is the same for both school and home users, the way the game feels differs quite a bit. For home users, we have to make sure that the game is intuitive enough that the player needs no outside support (like in the case of asking a teacher). This improves the experience for the school users as well.”
12 Using the Class Feature-min.png
Currently, we are holding about 3 test sessions a week with approximately 12-15 students per session. This means that up to 45 unique students with a fresh perspective give feedback to our interface and game logic every week. Thanks to this feedback we can confidently stay on course and move towards a well-polished end-product, with multiple iterations every week.
Some examples of the changes we have made include…

In-game questions

Short questions are asked throughout each module to keep the student paying attention and to verify their understanding of the concepts being taught. The student is presented with four statements, only one of which is correct. The star rating at the end of the module is based on the correctness of these answers. image2.jpg

Spatial guides

In order to introduce the interaction mechanics of each module as swiftly as possible, all instructions are now contained “within the world”. This means that animating arrows, text, pulsing objects, and controller highlights are now shown exactly where the action is to be performed in 3D space. This leads to the mechanics in all modules being very intuitive to learn, without needing any external guidance.

Star rating system

After completing a module, the student is presented with a star rating based on their answers to all the questions. Additionally, they are given a recap of their responses, allowing them to review and learn from any mistakes they may have made. This star rating system allows for easy self-assessment of one's performance. 5_as4.png
Last but not least, Futuclass has a new and cozy learning environment.

Top case studies with teachers:

Top webinars:

This school year we held two webinars for school representatives, educational technologists, and science teachers. The goal was to share how teachers have been implementing VR devices in their classrooms and what are the best practices in their experience.
▶️ What makes VR classes unique compared to the physical classroom learning ▶️ What might be the difficulties and risks associated with VR in education ▶️ What kind of content is available for VR? ▶️ What are some of the best practices for using VR headsets in the classroom?

See you in autumn!

We would like to thank all innovative educators for investing their time in learning more about virtual reality and implementing future technology in their classrooms. Have a great summer holiday and see you for the 2023/2024 school year!