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Teach hands-on STEM lessons with Futuclass. In VR.

Follow Futuclass ready-made lesson plans with reflection sheets for structuring the lessons.

Some schools that use Futuclass in classroom education have headset availability for the whole class.

In these cases, a gym or hall is used for Futuclass VR lessons. In many other cases, schools have a limited amount of VR glasses, so one pair is used in turns or together in a pair.

Why use Futuclass in Your Classroom?

Developed in co-creation with schools

Futuclass VR study modules are designed by teachers and developed in co-creation with schools.

Proven educational value

Every study module has passed rounds of testing with students and proved its educational value in impact tests.

Lesson plans available

Teachers don't have to come up with the lesson plan and reflection questionnaires themselves. They are already designed.

New VR modules every month

Study modules library is in constant expansion. Teachers who use Futuclass can suggest topics that may turn into VR modules

Futuclass Pricing for Schools

  • Access to all available & upcoming Futuclass VR lessons

  • Lesson plans

  • Google form and printable tests

  • Access to Futuclass guiding videos and teachers notes


Monthly per headset


12,5$ per month

Yearly per headset

Headsets supported

Futuclass is available for:

Wireless Devices

Oculus Quest 1


Oculus Quest 2


Pico Neo 3 Pro

Computer connected devices

HTC Vive


Valve Index

  • Headsets are available in all major retail stores. If you have trouble or questions when buying headsets. Feel free to contact us.
  • Headset management system can be added as extra by third-party partners. Grove XR and ArborXR (Springboard VR) enable teachers to manage up to 30 VR headsets through a browser.

VR apps available for education by subject

NatureChemistryPhysicsBiologyGeographyHistoryLiteratureArt & ModellingSports

Natural Geographic Explore VR


Youtube VR


Mission I.S.S

Universe Sandbox





The Body VR

Everest VR

Google Earth VR

7VR Wonders

Titanic VR

Apollo 11 VR

Anne Frank

Gravity Sketch


The VR Museum of Fine Art

Echo VR

Want to become Futuclass co-creation teacher?

Co-creation means that school and teacher regularly contribute to the creation of new Futuclass VR lessons and test it in their classrooms. Teachers have the opportunity to create Chemistry and Physics content.