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For Schools

  • Chemistry and physics lessons that students don’t want to miss

  • Used in schools since 2019

  • All educational games designed by science teachers to fit the curriculum and achieve learning goals

Futuclass provides exactly the kind of content— memorable, challenging, and fun puzzles— that students need to engage with and truly learn complex subjects like physics.

Joh Orengo

former teacher and XR Nation Ambassador

We are very pleased that Futuclass is creating a solution for STEM, where students can take exciting and everyday life-related experiments with today’s technology. The Futuclas team is very committed and have a definite goal of reaching their own VR educational game for all STEM enthusiasts in Estonia and around the world.

Inga Kõue

Startup Estonia Edtech lead

Futuclass leverages VR’s strengths of immersion and embodied learning. Getting ‘hands-on’ with concepts is important to mastering any topic. Access to lab time may be time and resource intensive, or simply unavailable. Simulated practical lessons are a fun, flexible, and effective way to enhance learning from text.

Mikalyn Cavanaugh

AR/VR Sherpa

How it Works

Plan lessons in Teacher Portal
With Futuclass Teacher Portal, you can configure your account and manage your content and learners, create classes and monitor performance from a single place.
Access premium content
Save time with curriculum aligned lesson plans. You will have premium access to ready made lesson plans and reflection questionnaires by teachers.
Personalized content for students
Provide your learners with personalized levels and feedback. You can set the difficulty level for each module to meet students unique learning needs.
Measure success
Measure the success of your students by monitoring usage and discovering performance data in real-time. Using Futuclass, you’ll be able to track your learners’ progress and assess the impact.

World class virtual lab in your classroom


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How to Get Started?


Prepare your headsets

Use Futuclass on your own devices or order Futuclass headset kit for schools.


Install Futuclass VR

Our experts help you with everything to get up and running


Prepare your class

Use ready-made lesson plans or plan lessons in Teacher Portal.


Start your VR class

Follow student results in Futuclass Teacher Portal.

Futuclass Pricing for Schools

  • Access to all available & upcoming Futuclass VR lessons

  • Lesson plans

  • Google form and printable tests

  • Access to Futuclass guiding videos and teachers notes


Monthly per headset

Save $30


$12,5 per month

Yearly per headset


Ready made lesson plans

Start your classes with ready made lesson plans that fit your curriculum.

Resources for teachers

Take a look at Futuclass video tutorials to learn how to set up Futuclass and how to benefit from the Teacher Portal. Learn what are the best practices to conduct a lesson with VR headsets.

Resources for teachers

Case studies

Discover how schools are using Futuclass science platform to deliver interactive and fun learning.

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Join Educators in VR Community

Futuclass Educators in VR community is an exclusive group for school teachers that aims to empower teachers by using immersive learning experiences.

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Headsets supported

Futuclass is available for:

Wireless Devices

Oculus Quest 1


Oculus Quest 2


Pico Neo 3 Pro

Computer connected devices

HTC Vive


Valve Index

  • Headsets are available in all major retail stores. If you have trouble or questions when buying headsets. Feel free to contact us.
  • Headset management system can be added as extra by third-party partners. Grove XR and ArborXR (Springboard VR) enable teachers to manage up to 30 VR headsets through a browser.

Educational apps for standalone VR headsets

ChemistryBiologyPhysicsMathGeographyHistoryArtsDesignLanguage LearningSoft SkillsSportsMusic


Molecule Builder

3d Organon

Awake Heart

Dissection Simulator

High School Anatomy

Human Anatomy Puzzle

Sharecare YOU Anatomy





Skygaze (Demo)

Star Chart

Titans of Space PLUS

Prisms Math

Neotrie VR

Blueplanet VR Explore

BRINK Traveler


Ocean Rift

National Geographic Explore VR


Anne Frank

Apollo 11 VR

Color Space

Gesture VR

Gravity Sketch

Kingspray Graffiti

Let's Create! Pottery VR

Painting VR


Tilt Brush



Shapes XR


Immerse - Live Language Classes

Language Lab


Noun Town




Notes on Blindness

Traveling While black


Virtual Speech

Echo VR


Les Mills Bodycombat



Thrill of the Fight!

Dance Central


Smash Drums

Beat Saber


Musical Journey

We need to improve the quality of education, and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences are becoming a key component of STEM education. It's engaging, realistic, and allows students to experience situations that otherwise would be dangerous or too expensive.

Katrin Soika

Chemistry teacher at Gustav Adolf Grammar School

As a chemistry teacher, I know that some of my students hate chemistry although I really hope I am able to show the value of chemistry and they would like to come to my lessons.

Chemistry teacher at Gustav Adolf Grammar School

Chemistry teacher at Gustav Adolf Grammar School

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